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Log Cabins

Log cabins have been a popular choice for a long time because of their endless advantages and applications.  

Usability (gym, sauna, office, play room, guest room, home cinema ect.) 

Warm characteristics of wood. All buildings can be insulated to further improve their warmth retention qualities if required. 

Can be made to specifications that do not require planning permission  

Can be dismantled and relocated if you ever move house or want to sell the building  

Endless design options 

High quality windows and doors 

Our installation service is second to none  

You will find many companies selling Log Cabins online. Be aware that lower prices may have been achieved by sacrificing the quality of key materials, such as roofing materials, roof timber thickness, floor timber thickness, windows and doors.  

We will not compromise on the quality or construction of our cabins, so you can buy with confidence from Codsall Garden Buildings


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